How to Stretch Football Boots That Are Too Small

How to Stretch Football Boots
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When it comes to athletic equipment, every person’s body is different from the next. This means that it’s impossible for manufacturers to create shoes customized to your feet. That is unless you spend the money to have custom cleats designed.

There are a few different ways that you can learn how to stretch football boots that are too small. However, you first need to determine what makes your boots too small for your feet.

Why Are My Football Boots Small?

Before you follow through with stretching your boots, you need first to understand why they don’t fit you properly. This is because these methods aren’t meant for boots that are too small lengthwise. Instead, you might be in a position where you need to invest in a new pair of football boots.

Wearing improper footwear is not only uncomfortable but highly dangerous as well. By shoving your feet into shoes that don’t fit, they won’t get the support and stability they need. You're also putting delicate components of your body in harm’s way.

Stretch Small Football Boots

For example, if your toes are too close to the end of the shoes, they could easily break. Your toes should be at least ½ of an inch away from the front of the shoes. If you think that your football boots are too small because they’re pushing on your toes, you should buy a new pair.

How to Stretch Small Football Boots

For athletes that have the perfect size boots lengthwise, you might find that they’re too small widthwise. If this is the case, we have a few fantastic methods of stretching out your football boots.

1. Breaking in the Shoes

There are many athletes that find the best way to make football boots fit is to naturally break them in. This means you’re going to need to wear them around the house or even while you’re at work.

In fact, the longer you’re able to wear them, the better. It’s also important to remember to wear your football socks when breaking them in. Alternatively, you can wear thick socks or more than one pair of socks.

Depending on the materials used to make your brand of shoes, this process can take up to a week. However, any time that your feet start to hurt, you can take the shoes off and continue breaking them in the next day.

2. Using Ice

Another great option for expanding the width of your football shoes is to use ice. This is because when water is frozen, it expands, which can also encourage your shoes to expand.

It’s recommended that you fill a bag with water and then put the bag of water in your shoes. Make sure that the bag doesn’t have any leaks; we recommend using a Ziploc, if possible.

You can then place your football boots in the freezer overnight and allow the water to freeze. As soon as the ice has been formed, take the shoes out of the freezer and try them on. If you find that there wasn’t much difference, you can do this process again or move onto the third trick.

Using a Football Cleats Stretcher

3. Using a Shoe Stretcher

There are specific products that you can use to stretch your boots as well. This is the preferable method for professionals, so it might be ideal for you as well.

Shoe stretchers are designed to go inside of your shoe, and they gradually break in the material for you. You can typically find them at an athletic goods store or your local department store.

4. Using Heat

When applying heat to your football boots, it’s important to prevent certain areas from being warm. This is because most parts of your shoes have been glued together, especially near the outsole.

Using heat is one of our favorite methods for learning how to stretch football boots that are too small. This is because it’s the fastest and easiest task, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Put the football boots on your feet and then use a blow dryer to focus on the tightest areas. By leaning on your toes and then leaning on your heels, work in the tight spots with the heat. Eventually, it should become far more flexible and comfortable.

5. Gradually Introduce the Boots

No matter how you decide to break in your new shoes, don’t jump head first into wearing them right away. It’s important that you gradually introduce them into practices so your feet can get used to them.

You certainly wouldn’t want to wear a brand new pair of football boots to a game and have to change out of them. Much like any pair of shoes, the more you wear them, the more comfortable they will become.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to stretch football boots that are too small can get you playing at your best much faster. As long as you know the shoes aren’t too small because of them being the improper size, this guide will surely prove to be useful.

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