Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet – Complete Reviews
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Cleated footwear is essential for every football player. Whether it’s practice, competitive games, or just fun, it is important to find the right pair. They need to suit the surface you play on and your position, and be comfortable enough to wear throughout the session or game.

If your feet are wider than average, you’ll need cleats with ample width and sufficient support around the ankle. Sometimes, it might be hard to find the perfect fit, even for players with regular feet, not to mention those with wide feet. Read on for a list of the best football cleats for wide feet.

Comparison Chart

Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Football Shoe

adidas 5Star 7.0 Metallic Cleat Men’s Football

Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleat

DREAM PAIRS Men’s 160862-M All Black Cleats

ANLUKE Men’s Athletic Hightop Cleats Soccer Shoes

Football Cleats for Wide Feet

1. Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Football Cleats

Cleats are an immensely important piece of football gear, as they are the only things that come in contact with the playing surface. Therefore, they need to be strong, flexible, and made of durable materials. The Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc is a high-top cleat (7.5” shaft) with a modern design and durable construction.

The shoe is made primarily of synthetic materials, giving it superior flexibility over the leather variety. The upper is made with a TPU hot-melt frame that also provides ample stability. Thanks to its high profile, this shoe is primarily for linemen who need all the grip and support their equipment can provide.

The sole is made of synthetic materials and equipped with triangular studs. Owing to the molded construction, the studs can’t be replaced when worn down. The insole is Under Armour’s high-rebound SuperFoam for added comfort and impact absorption.

Moving up, the Highlight MC football cleat sports a CompFit ankle, specially designed by Under Armour to provide better stability and ankle support. The 3D-modeled tongue is there for a snug fit. Together, they help improve the wearer’s stability and speed.

Under Armour offers the shoe in a range of modern colors. The most popular solid options include black, white, and metallic gold, while the popular two-color options include midnight navy/white, red/white, team royal/white, black/white, black/team royal, black/red, white/metallic gold, and black/purple.

Thanks to the molded construction, the Highlight Mc Football Shoe is a sturdy cleat made primarily for outdoor venues. It is relatively affordable, low maintenance and made for durable ankle and foot support.


  • check
    Field and turf shoe
  • check
    Ample ankle and foot support
  • check
    Triangular studs offer excellent traction
  • check
    Best for linemen
  • check
    Excellent shock absorption


  • Fixed studs
  • Not for skill position players

2. Adidas Men’s Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Cleats

The cut is one of the key features of football cleats, largely determining its optimal use for player positions. For example, mid-tops are best for players who need a combination of stability and mobility, such as tight ends, quarterbacks, and running backs. The Adizero 5-Star 7.0 by Adidas is a molded mid-top made for both field and turf.

The Adizero 5-Star 7.0 is made primarily of synthetic materials. This makes the shoe very flexible and accommodating. The top is made of Sprintskin, Adidas’s proprietary material that provides plenty of support and breathability. The mid-top upper offers a good level of stability without compromising the ability to make cuts too much.

The soles are made of rubber and are pretty flexible. They’re equipped with a rotational traction zone and the advanced conical Sprintstuds. The grippy studs are arranged in typical football cleat fashion, fringing the front and four in the back. The insoles are made of highly compressed EVA foam for added cushioning and support. Since the Adizero 5-Star 7.0 is a molded shoe, it is impossible to swap out the studs when they wear out.

The ankle section is soft and sock-like, snuggly fitting around the ankle. It has substantial padding on the inside for improved comfort. The tongue is completely merged with the rest of the upper and paired with anatomically laid-out laces. Owing to its width, this shoe is among the best options for wide-footed players.

Adidas offers this great shoe in a wide range of color options, ranging from the classic white with solid color accents to modern multi-color patterns in bold and youthful colors.


  • check
    Lightweight construction
  • check
    Super comfortable
  • check
    Made for both field and turf
  • check
    A good combination of support and mobility


  • Insufficient support for linemen
  • Non-removable studs

3. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Pro Football Cleats

The type of construction is also an important aspect to consider when shopping for football cleats. Molded and detachable varieties are made for all types of terrain, while turf shoes should only be used on artificial turf. The Nike Alpha Menace Pro is a molded shoe with mid-top upper and lightweight construction.

The synthetic material and mesh combination ensures this shoe’s lightweight and durability. The Alpha Menace Pro also offers good protection without sacrificing too much mobility.

The Alpha Menace Pro cleats rock rubber soles with a hyper-modern honeycombed design. The legendary Swoosh logo sits near the middle. The rubber studs are fang-like and there are five of them in the back instead of the traditional four. Thanks to the advanced Pebax plate, the studs are replaceable. The EVA midfoot shank is there to give extra support through the arch section.

The midsole features Phylon heel for superior protection from ground impact. The inside of the shoe has an inner sleeve construction which hugs and locks the foot in place. It is combined with a tight-fitting single-layer outer mesh with mid-foot overlays. The wide cut makes this shoe perfect for players with wide feet.

The color palette is wide, featuring numerous two- and three-color patterns. Several of the colorways are NFL team-inspired.

The Alpha Menace Pro is primarily an outdoor cleat for players who need reasonable protection and stability, as well as high mobility. Quarterbacks, defensive backs, and wide receivers can benefit the most from this shoe.


  • check
    Super-lightweight construction
  • check
    Replaceable studs
  • check
    Modern design
  • check
    List EExcellent grip


  • May be too restrictive for players who need maximum mobility

4. Dream Pairs Men’s Fashion Football Cleats

Players on the front line need all the protection they can get from their cleats. They usually wear high-top models that offer the greatest level of ankle support and traction. If you’re a lineman looking for a pair of affordable and stylish cleats, the Dream Pairs Men’s Fashion Cleats might be the model for you.

The upper is a combination of faux leather and synthetic mesh over a rubber sole. Despite the molded construction and light weight, they offer ample ankle support and decent mobility.

The soles are made of sturdy and flexible rubber and equipped with nine rubber studs. Owing to the molded sole, the studs can’t be replaced once they get worn out. While nothing to rave about, the cushioned insole provides decent shock absorption.

In the upper, the sock-like collar hugs the ankle, providing good protection and allowing free movement of the foot. Moving down, the tongue is integrated with the rest of the upper. The laces continue down towards the forefoot in a standard pattern. The forefoot is spacious, offering plenty of room for wide feet.

Dream Pairs makes the Fashion Cleats in a range of flamboyant color combinations, each wilder than the next. That being said, the all-black is the only single-color option.


  • check
    Very affordable
  • check
    Good combination of ankle support and mobility
  • check
    Bold and color palette
  • check
    Lightweight construction


  • Not the best fit for skill position players
  • The studs can’t be replaced
  • Gaudy colors

5. ANLUKE Men’s Athletic Football Cleats

While there are now more dome stadiums at the pro level, football is still an outdoor sport at the college and high school level. But one can just as easily install artificial turf for an outdoor stadium, and then the ANLUKE Men’s Athletic Turf Cleats would come into play. Generally, combo turf/field shoes are less robust than their strictly grass cousins, concentrating on mobility and flexibility.

The upper of this cleat is made of PU leather and lightweight mesh, a combination that’s sturdy, breathable, and flexible. The front of the shoe is nice and wide to accommodate players with wide feet. The high-top shaft orients this model towards linemen and players who need extra grip and ankle support.

The sole is made of artificial materials. The studs are integrated into the sole, making them impossible to replace. The insole provides a level of support and shock absorption comparable to more expensive models.

Back on top, the ankle portion of the cleat is a lightweight and flexible fabric that snuggly hugs the ankle. This approach offers good support for the ankle without restricting foot movement. The mesh continues down towards the front and into the tongue.

A wide range of sizes is available, as well as three modern colorways. Black with red details, blue with yellow details, and grey with orange details comprise the lineup.


  • check
    Very low price
  • check
    Sturdy and flexible
  • check
    Great for linemen
  • check
    Suitable for artificial turf


  • Molded studs
  • Might be too restrictive for skill position players


When shopping for a pair of football cleats, you should take several factors into consideration before making a final decision. First, you’ll need to consider your position. If you’re a lineman, high-top cleats are the best choice, while quarterbacks and running backs can benefit the most from mid-top shoes. Low-top cleats are for players who have to rely on speed and agility, such as receivers, defensive backs, and kick returners.

Next, if you play on a grass field, you should get a sturdy pair, whereas if you play on artificial turf, a pair with less prominent studs would be in order. Finally, there’s a choice between molded and detachable studs; the former are cheaper and lower maintenance, while the latter allow you to replace the studs with those of different lengths and those that are optimized for wet grass, sunbaked ground, and such.

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